Rimarplast experience and innovation in the field of plastics


Rimarplast was founded in 1982 by Mr Mario Reginato and Ronda family, owner of Ronda Spa in Thiene. They started to produce plastic profiles to satisfy the needs of beverage, a market in which Ronda is a leading company. In few years Rimarplast gained new important markets such as building, furniture, automotive, electrics and lightings.

In 2001 Reginato Family undertook the general management of the company, ensuring the continuity of its business development.

In 2017 Rimarplast celebrated 35 years of activity moving to a new and bigger headquarter, improving its productive capacity and expanding warehouse and production area.

Thanks to the company new management, Rimarplast is ready to meet the new challenges of global markets.

50 years’ experience and competence, modern technologies and passion are the key factors of Rimarplast ongoing growth


Rimarplast manufactures durable products.

The markets in which we operate requires high quality products with long life performances.

Our competence is at the service of the customer through a constant collaboration both for the development of new projects and for the improvement of the existing ones.

Rimarplast is aware of the importance of Ecodesign and environment sustainability which are crucial issues for the future global strategies.