WATERSTOP – BUILDING JOINTS Rimarplast supplies a wide range of products for connecting concrete castings. For over 20 years we are operating in the building market with a wide range of pvc joints that can be used in concrete structures. They ensure watertight seal both for connecting concrete castings and for expansion joints.

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The various types of Watertops available include the range WS and WSB, which have to be drowned in the middle of the thickness of the castings, and the range «flat» WSE and WSBE which are for outdoor laying.


Rimarplast Waterstops are high quality pvc joints whose mechanical and elastic properties guarantee excellent performances.

  • Their specifications are maintained in the long term even at low temperatures (from -30°C up to +60°C).
  • They do not require special warehousing or conditions.
  • They resist to ageing and to chemical attack in alcaline environments but also to brackish water or acid solutions.
  • They are designed to resist to the high stresses the building is subjected to during settlement.
  • The welding either with hot air or heated blades can be carried out on site.